Institute for Linguistic and Cross-Cultural Studies
Aims of the ILCCS:
The 'Institute for Linguistic and Cross-Cultural Studies' (Berlin)
is a Virtual Research Institute with focus on interdisciplinary methods.

One of the main aims is the publication of scientific results.

The collecting of empirical data leads to the establishment and the expansion of its
archives and its database in the domains of linguistic and cultural phenomena.

The Institute owns a specialist library.

Networking on an international level including exchange of research-relevant data is
important for us.

On a more practical level we offer:
consultations and coaching, the organization of events, written and oral translations,
as well as the wisdom of experts in language-related domains.

Database, Archives & Library
Scientific Presentations, Talks & Lectures
Cross-Cultural Documentations & Events
Scientific Consultations
Intercultural Consultations
Expert Witnesses
Social Work
Dr. Corinna Leschber
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